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Belgium Bruges, Brussels, Grand-Place, beer such as la Mort Subite, a monk brewer of Orval/Trappist beer, brasseries such as la Roue d'Or, restaurants - Comme Chez Soi with chef Pierre Wynant and l'Ecailler of Palais Royale with chef Attilio Bossobars, La Quincaillerie, beer bars
Croatia All photos - Dubrovnik, Skradinski buk waterfall on the Krka River, Krka National Park, Baska village on Krka Island, beaches, camping, watersports, boating
Czech Republic

Prague, diverse subjects, Charles Bridge, beer, clocks, Old Town


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Berlin: fall of the Berlin Wall, Potsdamer Platz, Bavaria: architecture and beer, Black Forest (fasching, carnival), Frankfurt, Hamburg: port, Dresden: overviews, Elbe river, Zwinger Palace, World War II ruins


Amsterdam canals and architecture, Keukenhof national tulip park, cheese making, Alkmaar and Gouda cheese markets/shops, marijuana growing, smoking, coffee shops, hashish, bongs, grow shops, windmills, dairy cows, herring, smoked eel/eel auction, bicycling, fishing ports, boats, traditional houses in Amsterdam and villages such as Broek an der Waterland, Dutch people and families, Sinterklas/Santa Claus

Monaco Restaurant Louis XV, chef Alain Ducasse and La Bastide de Moustiers, harbor/yachts, Monte Carlo casino

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Algarve, Porto- the Eiffel Bridge, cellars, glasses, port wine, Vila de
Gaia, Fado singing, Vila Nova de Gaia, azuzuelos (decorative tiles) - Duoro Valley vineyards, grapes, cellars - Duoro River, the town of Ama

Spain see separate page

Diverse subects, Basel

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