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Beijing, Chengdu, Kunming, Xian, Guilin, Guangzhou, Shenzen, Shanghai, Qingdao


Kerala, the backwaters, spice merchants, Cochin, computer school, fishermen, markets, houseboats, traffic, food, festivals, elephants


Bali – temples, Ubud, rice terraces, Java -Yokjakarta market, street food, making and performance of Wayang, Kulit shadow puppets, rice cultivation, terraces, planting, batiks, Cerebon – women at prayer after the Haj, Borobudor Temple, Sulawesi - Tanatoraja houses and funeral, Sumatra - mosques, orangutans, Indonesian foods

Laos Vientiane, Luang Prabang (monks, temples Xieng Thong), minority hill tribes in the north (Akha, Meo, Hmong, Tai), rice cultivation, street food, markets
Myranmar/Burma Rangoon (Yangon) Schwedegon pagoda, Pegu (Bago), monks, monasteries, temples, monks in lines with their rice bowls, pagan temples
Thailand markets, street food - scorpions, spiders, floating market; hill tribes in the north (Akha)
Tibet Potala Palace, Jokhan, forbidden images of the Dalai Lama, market, landscapes, sky burial, monks

Dalat market, Hanoi - Lake Ho Kiem, waterpuppet performance, Buddhist funeral, morning exercise,
Halong Bay, Ho Chi Minh City /Saigon - markets, street food, day care, children with birth defects because of Agent Orange, Hué - Thien Mu Pagoda, Imperial City, historical sites, My Tho (Mekong Delta) - markets, fishing boats, Nha Trang market, Tay Ninh - Cao Dai Sect mother church, the north - Son La and the mountains, ethnic minorities Tai and Hmong, rice fields

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